Duke Armenia’s household’s exclusive chef. She was picked up by Iris when she was young. Normally, a chef is for men, but, with her own will and Iris’s lovely selfishness, after a lot of heavy persuasion, she finally able to enter the kitchen. To be able to survive in the world where there’s only men, she possessed a strong will and personality. In the half part of the main story, since she was entrusted with the firm’s shop line, she didn’t have much turn.


As one of the servant of Duke Armenia’s household, he’s a butler apprentice. The type who will do to their utmost best. Among Iris’s guards who have unique personalities, he’s the one with the weakest presence….which kind of worrying -Kind of weak against pressure, he’s kind of timid, but once decided on something quite stubborn. Especially anything related to Iris, he’s quite stubborn and never give it up to anyone else. Now a days, he’s more involved in the firm’s work rather than his butler’s work.


A former servant of Duke Armenia’s Household. Iris picked him up and he served her for a while, when Iris left the territory once she got accepted into the Academy, at the same time, Moneda also quit being a servant. Afterwards, he served as the vice-accountant for the commercial guild. This time, by Iris’s persuasion, he become the first president of the bank. The verbs “Time is Money”, he truly loves it, the embodiment of a true merchant.


A servant of Duke Armenia’s house. She is in charge of managing the library. Iris picked her up when she was small. She already finished reading every book in Duke Armenia’s library. Therefore, she got quite a wide range of knowledge. As Iris’s source of knowledge, she also giving advice to her once in a while. Now, other than in charge of managing the library, she was also in charge of managing the lesson of the public school in the fief. Her hair constantly fixed in braids, she also wears a big heavy-looking glasses.


Iris’s Bodyguards. He was picked up by Iris when he was little. From convoy’s report to desk work and the likes, he’s done it all. Since he got quite a powerful strength, his battle characteristic is by using it as an advantage. He’s got blonde hair and firm eyes and body.


Iris’s exclusive maid. A super maid who could accomplish from housework, bodyguard, even as secretary. Since she was saved and taken out from the slum, she idolized Iris since then. Since she’s kind-of ‘worshiping’ her Lady, there are times when she let out an extreme remarks.

Ludius Jib Anderson

The heir of Marquis Anderson’s house. The son of Merry’s Elder Brother….in other words, Iris’s cousin. As the eldest son of Marquis Anderson, his skill in Martial Arts are above the average, it’s thanks to the training he always conduct with his Grandfather, which could be called a monster, as well as the first-rate knights like Ryle and Dida, though he doesn’t have any intention of succeeding those paths. The person himself is more interested in Domestic Affairs, he’s currently learning about the Governmental works from his father.
He has bluish silver blond hair. His eye colors are purple.