Gazelle Daz Anderson

The former head of the Marquis Anderson’s house, General. With his excellent exploits during the war campaign of Towair, he attained his title of General. Because of that success, he’s popular enough to leave his name as the Country’s hero in the History books.
His gray hair is left uncut, incidentally, his beards too, he also got quite a muscular body type.
If you arranged his appearance properly, you would say that as expected of the Father of Melrice, but, because of his hair and beards those charms are reduced by half. All these years when he participated in the ceremonies, he frequently got a glance from his surroundings asking “Who’s that?” when he properly tidied himself up.
He really loves to drink sake, Zal. Ryle and Dida often become the collateral damage.

Melrice Lese Armenia (Nickname: Merry)

The wife of Duke Armenia, called as “The Flower of High Society”. It’s not an exaggeration that a trend could be born with her remarks, that how powerful her influence is. There’s quite difference between her personality in her home and outside. Even though it’s political marriage, she’s completely smitten with her husband. As her nickname “The Flower of High Society” expected, her beauty too is yearned by other ladies. Her eyes are light blue colored resembling aquamarine.

Berne Tashi Armenia

He is the eldest son in Duke Armenia’s household, Iris’s younger brother. He’s in the same academic year as Iris. All around the Academy’s, he’s always at the top rank. He got his hair color from his father. His light blue eyes are inherited from his mother. Even though he inherited his father’s hair color, thanks to his mother’s eye color, he got brighter impressions than his father.

Iris Lana Armenia

In this work, the main character is the Duke Armenia’s daughter. In game [You are My Princess], she appeared as the villainess noble lady. If you followed the storyline, in the Endings, on top of being disowned, she’s also fated to be imprisoned.
Her hair is silver colored, she inherited her sapphire blue eyes from her father. Though, she inherited her looks from her mother.

Dawson Katabelia 

AKA Dorsen Katabelia

The son of the Chivalric Order’s Knight Captain.

A capturable target. In the game, he is depicted as a hot-blooded man. With his tough physique, he is a competitive person. He loves training time beyond all else. In the game, he studied under the General Gazelle, but not too long ago, in order for the general to train Ryle and Dida, he lost the chance to train with him. In a sense, he is the character with the most differences to the game’s settings.