Baron Mabaras Messi

A person who’s working as General Gazelle’s aide and the general’s right hand. From his achievements during the war against Towair, he was honored with the title of Baron. His territory is the national border with the Towair country, and it is strongly believed that he was especially chosen for the sake of the country’s defense. He is a supporter of the First Prince’s faction.


The king’s concubine, the daughter of Marquis Maelia. She is prince Edward’s mother. Properly speaking, although she was the daughter of a family suitable to be the true consort, she married into the royal family as a concubine. There are a lot of dark rumors going around about it. Edward’s burning red hair is inherited from her.


The current king’s real consort, the mother of Alfred and Leticia. She passed away shortly after giving birth to Leticia. Unusually for the nobles, she was in a marriage of love. Despite she was only an Earl’s daughter, the king managed to overcome the oppositions and made her his consort.

Eliya Von Tasmeria

Eliya Von Tasmeria

The Queen Dowager. As she was the sole descendant of the royal family, they welcomed a son-in-law to be taken into the family, and together they ruled the governance. After her husband passed away, she ruled the government until the young crown prince turned into an adult. After the crown prince succeeded the throne and showed that he was suited to the throne, she retired and moved into the dowager palace. It seems that she was sheltering and taking care of Alfred and Leticia behind the stage. She is fond of Mellice.