Ludius Jib Anderson

The heir of Marquis Anderson’s house. The son of Merry’s Elder Brother….in other words, Iris’s cousin. As the eldest son of Marquis Anderson, his skill in Martial Arts are above the average, it’s thanks to the training he always conduct with his Grandfather, which could be called a monster, as well as the first-rate knights like Ryle and Dida, though he doesn’t have any intention of succeeding those paths. The person himself is more interested in Domestic Affairs, he’s currently learning about the Governmental works from his father.
He has bluish silver blond hair. His eye colors are purple.

Gazelle Daz Anderson

The former head of the Marquis Anderson’s house, General. With his excellent exploits during the war campaign of Towair, he attained his title of General. Because of that success, he’s popular enough to leave his name as the Country’s hero in the History books.
His gray hair is left uncut, incidentally, his beards too, he also got quite a muscular body type.
If you arranged his appearance properly, you would say that as expected of the Father of Melrice, but, because of his hair and beards those charms are reduced by half. All these years when he participated in the ceremonies, he frequently got a glance from his surroundings asking “Who’s that?” when he properly tidied himself up.
He really loves to drink sake, Zal. Ryle and Dida often become the collateral damage.